Saturday, April 11, 2009

Last weekend (with Tony, Zaye and Maddox)

Tony was here again last weekend, and this time he had both of his boys with him (Zaye and Maddox).  Zaye actually stayed here, and has been with us all week or Spring Break.  These are just a few pictures from the weekend while Tony and Maddox were here.
(l-r) Maddox, Erin, Bren and Zaye on our street (our house is on the corner on the left)
Zaye being silly
Brendan getting tickled (at the park in our neighborhood) by Uncle Tony

Maddox and his daddy
Bren and Zaye wrestling

Uncle Tony and Bren on Bren's "trick" bike (an old bike of Erin's that he painted and put pegs on)

Zaye on my bike
My baby brother

Tony and Maddox walking back to our house from the park


Mom said...

Love all the pictures and really loved seeing all of you on skype. Love you all, Mom

The Mrs. and Mom said...

Looks like a great time! Wish I were there. xo