Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

What a nice day. At about 3pm our friends L.T., Tina and Lars (Erin's boyfriend) joined us. Of course Brian, Tony, Maddox and Zaye are here, too. So we celebrated the four dads.

Erin got Brian a card and a gift card for I just adore the way that she is looking at Brian while he is opening/reading his card. You can just feel the love she has for him (click it to see it larger).

Although I didn't get a picture of it, Tony got a card and a gift card for P. F. Changs from Maddox and Zaye. It's one of his favorite restaurants. He wasn't feeling later in the afternoon, and I caught this picture of him snuggling/napping with Maddox in the den.

We grilled steaks:
Erin bought this for her daddy with the money that she got from the tooth fairy:
And I made these again, but added a lemon glaze:

Erin spent about two hours on the lanai filling up water balloons.

Then Zaye, Maddox, Erin and Lars played with the hose on the swing set (making a water slide with the slide).

Maddox had a great time making mud, and filling up a jar with his concoction.

Sean and Bren went with a friend to Busch Gardens at about 3:30, and I'll be going to pick them up when the park closes in a bit.

Hope you all had a great Father's Day!

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