Thursday, June 18, 2009

A long night

Where is Sean tonight?  He's here...(that's him on the far left standing up)

I dropped him off at 9pm in front of International Plaza, and he'll be there until 8am tomorrow morning.  He is 4th in line for the new iPhone 3GS, and he is BEYOND excited.  I'm going to go back around 1am to take him and the three guys in front of him some donuts and drinks.  He's got his lawn chair, sleeping bag, blanket, book, phone, and iPod. He's set.  


Grandma said...

What a way to spend a night, good luck Sean. How long did the line get? Probably will sleep better tomorrow night. Love you, Grandma

The Mrs. and Mom said...

Dude. Really? For a phone? Well, you must love it! How is it?

Lori Breber said...

Keep buying those AT&T products!! It helps me keep my job!!!