Thursday, June 18, 2009

How old are you?

Tony was outside riding bikes with Bren, Zaye and one of their friends this evening.  He was doing tricks (yes, he's 35), and the front tire apparently turned, causing the bike to flip rear over front.  Tony went face first into the road.  His face is pretty badly torn up, his bottom teeth went into his upper lip (it's swollen and black on the inside-he may lose a tooth or two), he lost skin on his shoulder, both hands, wrists, and knee.  He hurts.  Badly.  Within an hour he had taken pain meds (prescribed from a previous back problem).  

Here's some of the damage.  He hurts now, but wait until tomorrow morning.  Yikes.


Mom said...

Oh no, that is painful just to look at it. Wish I could make it better, Mom

The Mrs. and Mom said...

OWIE! Hope you keep your teeth, man!