Friday, January 01, 2010

Almost 7

In just TWO days my baby is going to be seven! It seems unbelievable, and overwhelming all at the same time. She is still my baby in so many way (and always will be), but she is growing up so quickly. We'll have her birthday celebration on Sunday here at home with just our immediate family, and then in three weeks she will be having her party (roller skating) with all of her friends. She can barely stand the wait!

7 years old, and going on 16.


Kym and Teresa said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!

They can't be turning 7 already! They were just babies!!!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Happy Birthday baby girl. You are growing so fast. Love you

Kim said...

I know, it just blows my mind how old these babies are getting. Happy Birthday to such a sweet girl.

Mom and Dad said...

Are you going skating also Michelle since you will be celebrating your birthday soon also? Love you all forever