Thursday, January 07, 2010

Big shoes

You know your son has a large foot when you have to order his shoes from

That's right. The only place we can find (non-geriatric) shoes in large sizes is Forget about shopping locally for them, and being able to try them on before buying. Those days are gone for Sean.

You wouldn't think size 16 would be THAT difficult to find, but unless you want leather loafers or shoes that look like they belong on a 70 year old is! Apparently young boys of 14 years of age aren't supposed to have feet this big, or they aren't supposed to wear "cool" shoes.

*For the record, Vans does sell his size, and he has three pairs from their website, too. Way to go, Vans!


Mom said...

Holy Cow!

Rhonda said...

WOW!! I'm so not looking forward to those days. I have a feeling Grant's are going to be HUGE. He has ALWAYS had big feet. My Dad wears a 14 and I wear a 9/10 and my husband wears a 10 so really Grant probably is destined to have big feet. :( At least I know where I can get them. ;)