Saturday, January 02, 2010


Both of my boys are officially shavers now. Sean has had to shave for over a year, and as of last night (after a trip to the store with Brendan to purchase his first razor) Brendan does, too. He was so anxious to get rid of the hair, and took care of it as soon as we got home. He was showing a dark mustache, and he hated it (thankfully).

Brendan playing his Xbox after his first shave.

They are growing up.


Grandma said...

Way to go Bren. My grandchildren are growing up way to fast. Love you.

The Mom said...

Hey studly. Keep on that shaving thing. All your girlfriends will like a smooth face. ;)

Amanda said...

I have two boys and a girl and me TERRIFIED of these moments... what if my boys want to have a mustache at 11??? AHHH!!!

Your kiddies are too cute!

God bless-