Saturday, January 23, 2010

Erin's birthday party

Erin had her 7th birthday party today at a local roller skating rink. It was a huge hit with all of the kids, and several of them want to have their party there now, too. Not only did they get unlimited skating, but they had access to a bouncy house, arcade area (each child received tokens), and a dance room. Erin told me that it was her favorite party ever, and now she's sorting through all of her gifts. I'm exhausted after being up until 1:30am working on her cake, and a cake that I had to make for a wedding shower today. It was all worth it, especially seeing the excitement and joy on Erin's face all afternoon.
Ashley, Erin and Hannah

The skating rink has their own decorations...easier for me!
Erin's birthday cake...looks pretty ordinary from the outside, but...
...definitely not ordinary. It's a huge cake, and everyone was oohing after the first piece was cut. The recipe comes from one of my new favorite blogs, I Am Baker. Talk about talent! Amanda has it. I'll be trying several of her recipes and ideas in the near future.
In addition to the rainbow cake I made cupcakes in the same colors, and sprinkled them with coordinating colors.

Erin realizing that this was the popsicle maker that she wanted from Williams-Sonoma. She takes after her mommy...that's my favorite store!
The party gang!

This is the cake that I made for a wedding shower that was right after Erin's birthday party. It was four layers, alternating gold (bright yellow) and red-her wedding colors. It was frosted with Amanda's recipe for buttercream icing (I Am Baker), and it was delicious! I bake for the nurses every weekend, and so they are familiar with my amateur skills-the cake was for one of the nurses. I also made red cupcakes with white icing and red and yellow sprinkles to coordinate with the cake.

So after baking for two days, and being up late last night and up early this morning to finish both cakes I am exhausted, and headed in for a nap now. More later...


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE both cakes! Your frosting is perfect and the colors are RIGHT ON!!! I am so impressed! Seriously, I think you care really, really talented!!!! (and apparently you inspire me to use lots and lots of exclamation marks!)

Well done my dear.

I am honored you took my little recipe and make is so wonderfully YOURS!!!


The Mom said...

WOW. You are amazing! Joey just asked for a lil' ole pan of brownies for his birthday. I got the easy baking job.

Grandma/Mom said...

Michelle you are absolutely amazing. Love you all

Rhonda said...

CUTE!!! I've seen jello made like that cake but have never seen a cake. You did an amazing on both. :)