Thursday, July 29, 2010

Contributions to the Hogar

I have had a few requests regarding the Hogar and what is needed. First and foremost monetary donations are needed because this is how the surgeries are paid for the children who need them. This includes chemotherapy for the constant stream of patience with various types of cancer, prosthetics, skin grafts for burn victims, braces for cerebral palsy patients, etc. Dr. Tony can only do so much himself here at the Hogar, and the rest is done at a private hospital in Lima. Without money these children cannot get the medical care they need. So even if it is a small donation to Villa la Paz it will help.

Dr. Tony is compiling a list for me of specific items that he needs that are cheaper or better quality from the United States. He has already mentioned the cases for asthma inhalers-not the medicine that goes in them, but the plastic cases that the medicine is put into. They are also in need of a couple of umbrella strollers, and one nicer stroller for the medical trips to Lima, but they are so cheap here in Peru that it would be best to send the money and let them be bought here. As soon as I have the list from Dr. Tony of the things that he needs I will post it.

In the meantime, if you feel compelled to donate monetarily, in any amount, to the Hogar, you can do so by visiting There is a United States address or you can contribute via Paypal right from the site.

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