Saturday, July 31, 2010


Luis is one of the infants, and he is deaf and blind. However, he is such a cuddly baby, and if you hold him close to you so that he can feel the vibration of your chest he will start "talking" back to you (as you see him doing with Josh in this video). Luis loves to have his face gently stroked, and he responds by moving his head gently in the direction of the hand touching him. He's a giant teddy bear, and so sweet. Unfortunately, there is nothing else that can be done for him here at the Hogar, and he will go to another home when there is room for him there. The thing that makes me so sad about Luis is that in the United States he would thrive. I have worked with deaf and blind people in the past (during the couple of years of studying ASL), and they are productive individuals in society in the U.S. Here, however, Luis will likely never get an education since they do not have the resources to teach someone who is deaf and blind, and he will likely spend the rest of his life confined to a home with minimal interaction.

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Mom said...

Michelle I would love to have a child like him to hold and love but the way things are in our county they wouldn't allow us to have him. Love you all