Thursday, July 29, 2010

The kids

I'm catching up from yesterday, 7/28/10.

After lunch time with the children a few of the volunteers and I took a bus to Chosica, the next "big" town over from Chaclacayo. It is about a ten minute bus ride from the Hogar, but due to the holiday (it is Independence Day here) it took about 45 minutes to get there. We quickly looked around the market, bought some soap that Mamita (the cook) needed in the kitchen, and then had to head back to the Hogar to help with the babies during baby hour (9-11am and 3-4pm). Chosica was a busy town, but the bus drive was the most interesting part of the trip. The drivers yell out of the door trying to get people onto their bus, and when you do put your hand out to be picked up (anywhere along the street) they basically slow down, let you jump in while they are still moving, and then take off again. It's crazy.

Once we got home we spent the rest of the day with the kids, and it was a beautiful day.
Julia and her padre. He comes to visit her every two months, and it is a 48 hour bus ride to get to the Hogar from the jungle where they live. They are very poor, and he works to basically come to visit Julia. He is such a sweet man, and stayed for two days at the Hogar with Julia. He played with her throughout the day, and slept on one of the couches at night. He brags about her constantly, and misses her terribly.
The smoothie shop where we go each morning for fruit or smoothies. It is one block from the Hogar.
Dr. Tony and Jhon Chingai. The kids take time out all throughout the day to show affection to him.
Two of the boys doing the dishes after a meal. They wash, rinse, dry and put all of the dishes away after each meal.
A view of Chosica near the market.
(l-r) Deanna, Molly, Laura, and Sean in Chosica. They are students of USF, too, but we did not know them prior to their arrival two days ago. Laura (in pink) is one of the sweetest women I've met, and she has so much compassion for the Hogar and the children here.
Jair. He had club feet and half of his face is paralyzed. Both are the result of a condition called Moebius syndrome. His feet have been surgically repaired, and he gets around just like any other toddler. He is Dr. Tony's little guy.
Victor using the mouse on one of the donated laptops.


The Mom said...

Keep it coming, sister. Love you.

Mom said...

What beautiful children. Thank you for sending us pictures and telling us about Hogar. Love you