Sunday, July 18, 2010


One of our friends, Tina, has been sewing her entire life. She not only sews, but she quilts, and those that she has in her home are beautiful. Sean is very close to Tina, and spends many days with her (ie. more time at her house than home so far this summer). In the past few weeks he has become interested in her sewing and quilting, and she was more than happy to teach him. She loves having a partner. They have spent numerous days together at JoAnn's Fabric store picking out fabric for quilts and other projects. The two of them are working on Sean's first quilt-a scrap quilt made with pieces of material that he has picked out. It's going to be beautiful, and he's so proud of the work that he's done already.

Sean came home from spending the day with Tina two days ago, and said that they were working on a "project" for me. He shared the fabric pattern with me (which I LOVE), but wouldn't tell me what it was. Tonight Tina and Sean came over (he had been there all day), and they gave me a wrapped box. Inside of it was a 1940s style apron that Sean made for me! It is absolutely beautiful and perfect, and so me. Sean made the entire thing himself with guidance from Tina, and it is flawless. Tina says that Sean is "a natural", and based on his first project I would have to agree. What do you think?

Sean modeled the back for me

When Sean arrived at Tina's house this morning she had a gift for him. She said that she woke up at 4am this morning, couldn't fall back asleep, so she made this for him.

It's his own sewing kit; custom made. Included in it is everything he needs, including his own sewing scissors, needles, fabric pencil, etc. I don't sew, so we don't have those things around the house. He is so excited about it, and it was the perfect gift for him.


The Mom said...

SO awesome! I love sewing too, but I suck at it. ;)

Mom said...

Love your apron Michelle, anxious to get mine. Love you