Monday, July 12, 2010


In less than two weeks, 12 days to be exact, Sean and I will be in Peru. We are nearly ready; passports in hand, immunizations completed, and we'll pick up our prescriptions for the Malaria pills tomorrow. We are both really excited about the experience that awaits us. I know it's going to be life changing for both of us (in the best possible way). We are both equally excited to wrap our arms around the 50+ sick children in the house where we will be living for the two weeks while we are there.

I'm also excited to be counting down the days until a trip to Puerto Rico with Pam in December (over my winter break from school). We'll be spending four days on an island off of the mainland of Puerto Rico, and it's absolutely breathtaking. Unless I see her before the trip it will be nearly a year between visits, and I'll be more than ready to wrap my arms around her again, too!


The Mom said...

Amen sister. I'm going to be so excited to read your daily blog updates (ahem) and see the pictures! Love all around.

Kym said...

What an amazing experience for the two of you to share!