Monday, February 14, 2011

The geckos

Brendan now has four geckos of his own, and is currently hosting a female of a friend (she's breeding with Brendan's only male). The last addition, Zoe, was a surprise for Brendan's birthday. When Bren bought Nena from Dan, the gecko breeder, he found out that she had a sister. He immediately showed me the video of this beautiful little girl, full of enthusiasm. I called Dan the next day without Bren knowing and bought her, but asked if he would keep her until Bren's birthday. We both told Brendan that someone in another city had purchased her so that he wouldn't keep thinking about buying her.

Dan is a great guy. He has a huge heart, and Brendan has become close to him. Brendan doesn't get close to anyone (except me). He really looks up to Dan, respects his opinion on everything, and enjoys talking to him. A few days before Bren's birthday I texted Dan and asked him if he would be willing to drive up to the track (where we would be for the race this past Friday) and bring the gecko. Not only would the gecko be a surprise, but seeing Dan would be, too.

It worked perfectly. On Friday, just before Brendan's main event, Dan and his fiance arrived at the track. Brendan was surprised, both for the gecko and for Dan to be there. He told me that he was happy that Dan would be able to watch him race, and he did. Dan was as filled with anticipation for Bren's race as I was, and we all cheered him on together. Bren was flying high having him there.

The little gecko that he got is white with lavender colored stripes. Although she looks absolutely nothing like her little sister, Nena, she is just as sweet. Both are very social and love to be held.

The four female geckos. The large one on the left belongs to his friend, and is currently breeding with Otis (Bren's only male-not pictured). Right beside her is Bren's first gecko, Rae, in the top right corner is Nena (the smallest who eats the most), and her sister, Zoe (his birthday gift). They do NOT live in this container. He just put them in there so that I could take a picture of them all together. They each have their own aquarium.

However, Bren got an extra birthday surprise. Dan is an MMA fighter and boxer. When he came to the track he brought his first ever pair of boxing gloves and gave them to Brendan. Although Brendan is not normally an emotional type of kid he has not yet stopped talking to me about this gift. He is so touched by the fact that Dan would think highly enough of him to give him something like that. He has them proudly displayed on his trophy shelf with his BMX trophies, and from time to time I find him in his room with them on.

The most amazing gift ever-Dan's first boxing gloves.

Thank you, Dan, for everything you have done for my baby boy. He trusts his heart and emotions with very few people, but he has found a friend in you like he has never known.

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Grandma said...

Sounds like Bren has had a very special birthday and friend. Way to go Bren. Love you very much.