Sunday, February 13, 2011

My baby birthday boy

On Friday, February 11, Brendan turned 14. My baby boy. We celebrated by enjoying the first day of the Gator Nationals, and Brendan earning a 3rd place trophy.

Brendan may be 14, but he is still very much a mama's boy. He still loves to snuggle, play with my hair, and hold my hand. I love every second of it, and hope that, once again, it continues for another year.

Bren asked for "the blueberry cake" for his birthday cake, and since I made it the day before for Liz we just cut a piece off of it and put his 14 candles on it for his midnight birthday celebration.

I love you, Booboo.

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Grandma said...

Happy Happy Birthday to a wonderful grandson. Love you very much.