Sunday, October 19, 2008

Erin's car seat

I had a couple people email me and ask why Brian was taking a car seat with him to Milwaukee (see the picture below in the post about he and Erin going to Wisconsin).  Without getting too high up on my soapbox I will just say that a five point harness is the SAFEST CHOICE for any child, and until my child does not have the option of being in a five point harness she will continue to be in one.  The seat that she has now (and has had for the past four years) is the Britax Marathon.  It keeps her in a five point harness until she reaches 65 pounds.  She's 51 pounds.  Yes, legally she can sit in a booster, but that is NOT THE SAFEST CHOICE, and I want only the safest choice for my child. So there is my reason for using a five point harness, and that alone is reason enough in my opinion.  Erin knows that most of her friends use booster seats (some even sit with the regular seat belt-OMG!), but she tells them over and over that her mommy wants her to be safe, and that her five point harness is the safest seat.  She has been educated, and she knows.  And she loves her seat.  Always has.  

If you feel the need to educate yourself further on the subject, please follow the links that I have provided below. Unlike crawling, walking, talking, etc., moving up in types of car seat (infant seat>five point harness>booster) is not a milestone that I want my child to quickly progress through.  Each step up in type of seat is a step down in safety.  Remember that!

And if you haven't heard of Kyle before now, maybe it would be best if you heard his story.

Erin in her Britax Marathon with Cowmooflage cover.  This was taken in Oregon this past March.  She sits in her car seat any time she is on a plane, or in a vehicle.  


Steph said...

Hey Michelle - my oldest two use the Marathon too - do you think Erin will outgrow it height wise before weight wise? She looks tall in it. Asher's getting there too, with his height, but not his weight. What seat will you use for her next?

Mom said...

WTG Michelle and Erin. Love You, Grandma & Grandpa Larry

Michelle said...

Erin has just over an inch before she outgrows it by height, and I definitely think that she'll outgrow it by height before she outgrows it by weight. Thankfully her height is in her legs, and not her torso, so that has allowed her to stay in the Marathon longer. I have no doubt she'll go into a Regent once she outgrows the Marathon. That's what Brendan had until he was nine (back when it was called the Husky).

The Mrs. and Mom said...

Preach it, sister!

Rhonda said...

I understand your concern completely Michelle! I fight Grant all the time just wanting a booster. So many of his friends just have a little booster with no protection what so ever on the upper body. Scary!!

Jodie said...

Michelle, that is the one thing I always admired you really are (and always have been) a great mom!! I think it is great the sincerity, compassion, and love you have on your kids lives!!