Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sweet somethings

Grandma/mom loves us.
We use a LOT of jam/jelly in this house.  All three of the kiddos take their lunches to school every day, and their sandwich of choice is a PB&J...ONLY IF we have jam from grandma.  I say this because for the first time in over a year we ran out a few weeks ago, and we actually had to buy some from the store.  The kids didn't want any more PB&J.  Brian enjoys his fair share of PB&J's, too, and he was equally bummed that we ran out.  
The last batch we received from grandma, just over a year ago, was a variety of peach, strawberry, and marionberry, and the favorite of everyone around here is the marionberry.  It is fabulous!  So when we ran out a few weeks ago I called grandma, and in no time at all we had a box waiting on the front porch with 18 more jars of jam.  As fast as the box could be opened there were PB&J's being made with the homemade jam (as if they had been starving all that time!) We are now replenished for the next year with the delicious peach, strawberry and marionberry jam that we have come to love.  
Thank you grandma/mom!!!!

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Grandma & Grandpa Larry said...

Sorry I let you run out, we can't let that happen again. Love you all, Grandma/Mom