Friday, October 03, 2008

First lost tooth

Erin lost her first tooth last night.  It was a big night around here.  We discovered that it was loose about four days ago, and she couldn't wait for it to come out.  She wanted me to pull it yesterday, and for about an hour last night she went back and forth between wanting me to pull it, and being afraid of getting it pulled.  Finally, she made the decision (on her own), and asked me to "just get it out".  One big yank and it was out.  She was definitely excited, and very anxious to get to bed so that the tooth fairy could come and visit her.  And he did.  She got five dollars for her first tooth!

The tooth right next to it is also very loose, and will likely be out in the next day or two.  

Here's my little girl minus her first lost tooth!

Just after I posted this Erin came over to me saying that the other tooth was "very loose".  I checked it, and it was barely hanging on.  Both of her bottom middle teeth are now gone.  Looks like she gets a visit from the tooth fairy two nights in a row!!!!!


The Mrs. and Mom said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Erin! What a huge leap into being such a grown-up girl! Love you!

Grandma & Grandpa Larry said...

What a beautiful girl. Way to Go Erin. We love you, Grandma & Grandpa Larry