Friday, October 24, 2008

More baseball...can't get enough

If there is one thing that I love to do on the weekends more than just about anything else, it is watch Brendan play his baseball games.  When someone is as good at something as he is at baseball, and enjoys it as much as he does you can't help but have fun watching them.  The kid just thrives there.  I often think about the amount of time that he has been playing, and realizing that he has been doing this for longer than he has done just about anything else. He's been playing ball since he was three, and he doesn't give up.  He gets tired and frustrated (mostly at the other kids who don't give it 110%) at times, but more often than that he is smiling and enjoying himself out there on the field.  It's where he loves to be.  Cleats on his feet, and a glove on his right hand (he's a lefty).  

I love that he has a passion.  A real, deep-hearted passion for this sport.  I wanted for my children to have a passion for something in their lives, and the boys do (time will tell with Erin).  Not just passing interest, but something that sticks with them over time, and that they truly love.  

I'm looking forward to many more years of baseball fields, bleachers, concession stands, practices, and smiles from Brendan's face every time he looks over at me when he hits that ball or strikes a player out.

Brendan pitches side-arm.  Without using proper technique he would have a lot of problems with his arm, but he has always thrown this way, and knows what to do/how to throw properly this way.  And he's GOOD at it (obviously since he pitches for every team).  It's interesting to watch the ball though because it goes so far out and then comes right back in over the base. It just doesn't seem possible for the ball to come all the way back in.  The other parents love watching him pitch, too.  

Nice hit!  Who said baseball isn't a contact sport?  He got nailed by the ball on this pitch.  


Pam said...

Wow, dude, side-arm? Nice!

Mom/Grandma said...

Way To Go Bren. Love seeing your pictures of your baseball games. You are soooooooooo gooooooood. Love you, Grandma & Grandpa Larry