Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas party with a special guest's a secret.  Well, the party isn't a secret, but the special guest is.  Erin is hosting her very own children's Christmas party this Saturday.  We have 10 children (not including our own) and their parents, my dad and Jeanne, and a few adult neighbors who want to be here to see the "surprise".  The party is from 4-6pm.  We have lots of food planned, and for the first hour we have stockings for each of the children to make, ornaments to be painted, and snowmen to be decorated.  Then at 5:00 (the surprise) Santa and Mrs. Claus will arrive with bells ringing, and a big sack of gifts (one small gift for each child that I purchased).  They'll be spending an hour here at our house, sitting with each of the children, giving them their gift, and letting them check his big red velvet book to see that their name if on the "nice list" (I provided the names ahead of time).  

Santa is a real bearded Santa, and I've attached a picture below of he and Mrs. Claus in their "summer attire".  I'll have plenty of pictures after the weekend, I'm sure.  I am so excited about them coming.  I'm like a little kid.  I could barely sleep the night that I spoke to him on the phone.  When he called me he even addressed himself as Santa.  I may just cry when I see how excited Erin gets.  She loves Santa.


Grandma and Grandpa Larry said...

Shhhhhhhhhhhh! It's a secret but you're going to have so much fun. Grandma and Grandpa Larry are expecting many pictures as you know.

The Mrs. and Mom said...

What a cool thing to do! I hope you all have a wonderful time. :)

Rhonda said...

That is awesome! I can't wait to see the pics. :)