Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm behind

We didn't get home from Nana's house until about 9pm last night.  I-4 traffic stinks.  Anyway, we had a great Christmas, the kids got everything they wanted, and then some!  We got a great box full of goodies from Grandma Carol and Vern with gift cards and four boxes of various chocolates (truffles, assorted chocolates, turtles, and Ferrero Rocher).  I kid you not when I tell you that the Ferrero Rocher was emptied in minutes, and the rest are now gone as well.  We also got a fabulous box of goodies from Grandma Laurie and Grandpa Larry with gift cards, custom chocolates (Grandpa Larry made wrappers on them with pictures of the kids), more homemade jams, and homemade cookies.  Brian devoured one bag of the cookies the evening that the box arrived!  Thank you all.  

And now the "I'm behind" part.  I'm late.  Very late on getting my gifts and goodies mailed out.  I tried my hardest to get organized, but with Erin's party last weekend, and then getting ready for Christmas I just couldn't pull it together.  We didn't even do cards this year as several people have pointed out to me!  However, I am now finished wrapping and getting everything packed into boxes, and they will be in the mail on Monday.  I'm sorry for being late.

I have pictures from Christmas day and the day after at Nana's house uploaded, and as soon as I can get them resized I will get them here on the blog.  I've had a severe sinus infection for SIX days now, and it's not slacking up one bit so I'm going to bed now.  I'll do my best to get them on here tomorrow morning.  

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Mom & Larry said...

Hi Michelle, I am so sorry you are still feeling so bad. Hopefully you can see a doctor Monday. Don't worry about us and things being late...we would rather have you get yourself better. We both love you, Mom & Larry