Thursday, December 04, 2008

Meet Keeker

Erin has discovered a new best friend.  Keeker.

My girl is an avid reader.  Usually an hour or more each night (up to two hours at a time on the weekends!), and the standard story books just weren't cutting it any more.  I knew she was ready for chapter books when she went into Sean's closet and got one of his chapter books and said that she wanted to read it.  It was a bit too much for her (one of the Harry Potter series), but I set out to find just the right thing.  And last weekend I found it.  While we were at Pottery Barn Kids I discovered this series, and I bought the first two.  Erin started reading the first one on the way home, and she didn't stop.  She's on the second book now, and she's already made it clear that she's asking Santa for the entire collection.

If you have a little girl that loves to read I highly recommend this collection.  Erin has read some of it to me, and it's very cute.  

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