Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pictures from Christmas (and the two days after)

The kids were up at 7:15am on Christmas morning, but we were ready to go. Sean's favorite gift was his new Fossil watch. He unknowingly picked it out just a few days before Christmas so there was no doubt that it was the one that he wanted.

Bren got a custom made skateboard (from a local skate shop), and in this picture he is opening a new pair of Vans (because you have to have new skate shoes to ride a new skateboard-don't you know?)

When Erin unwrapped this huge package she was beside herself. She yelled, "Santa, you are the BEST!!!" It is a five drawer container on wheels that is completely stuffed with every single arts and craft supply that you can imagine. Every drawer was filled to the top. Aside from reading her favorite thing is doing art so we knew that this was going to be a hit. It has already brought hours of enjoyment.

A huge surprise to all three-Guitar Hero World Tour for our Xbox 360. Now we have a full band in our house. Erin sings, Bren plays the drums, and Sean plays the guitar. As I sit here and type this right now they are playing, but using two guitars (one for bass and one for lead guitar) because Bren's friend Brandon is over. We have an extra guitar from the Guitar Hero game that the boys got from their dad last year. When they unwrapped this box they were all three jumping all over the place. Erin jumped up on Bren's back, and kept saying how happy she was.

The rest of the pictures below are from Nana's house the day after Christmas. The first is, of course, the matriarch of the Harper family. My Nana is so beautiful.
This is Erin and Sidney, my cousin Liz's daughter. She is exactly one week older than Bren.
My nephew, Maddox.

Erin loves the swing in the back yard at Nana's. She enjoyed having her big brother there to push her.
Sidney again.
Tony and Maddox.
With part of his Christmas money from his dad Brendan bought his cousin Zaye an airsoft gun and pellets. Once we got to Nana's some of the neighborhood boys came over with their airsoft guns and they setup a target. (l-r) Zaye, Bren and two of the neighborhood boys shooting the target. They did this the entire time we were there.
Best buddies, Brendan and Zaye.

Maddox feeding a cracker to Anah.


Mom said...

Great pictures Michelle. Looks like everyone was having a great time. Mom

Mama Celeste said...

Your house always sounds like so much fun.
We have to get Justin together with your guys. We also play Xbox 360 (Rock Band for us), airsoft guns, and skateboarding!!! OH, and Mom is pretty good on the lyrics. HEE HEE.
Merry Christmas to you and the whole family. Hugs!