Friday, December 05, 2008


We watched a fantastic Christmas lights display, and enjoyed the decorations around the shopping center.  The tree is in the middle of this particular outdoor mall, with lots of holiday activity going on around it (as you can see).  I definitely prefer the outdoor malls.

Then we did a little shopping, and reading, at Barnes & Noble.  Santa picked up a few more of the Keeker books (shhhh) while Erin was busy reading to daddy and a few others.

A little bit of relaxation by the fountain, some gelato, tossing coins in the fountain, and watching the shoppers as they pass by.

And then we headed home for the night.


Grandma & Grandpa Larry said...

The pictures of you all shopping were really cute. We really enjoyed the one of Erin reading to her Dad and the other people. She will be happy with Santa(shshshsh). Love you all, Grandma & Grandpa Larry

The Mrs. and Mom said...

I love outdoor malls! I should come to visit again; this morning, it was 8 here--kinda kills the outdoor mall spirit, huh?