Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's not your traditional Christmas tree

But it's our Christmas tree, and we absolutely love it.  We all agree that it is our favorite tree ever.  Definitely not traditional Christmas colors, but when I saw these ornaments I knew that I had to decorate the tree with these ornaments and these bright colors.  I was inspired by a small three foot tree that was decorated by the collection at Michael's.  It was called "Festivale" (as in Mardi Gras).  I fell in love with the bold purple, pink, orange, green and blue.  

The following weekend (this past Sunday) Sean and I set out to EVERY Michael's store in the Tampa area, and we collected all of the "Festivale" ornaments that they had left.  We have 230 of them on this tree!  I added the glittering curlies to some of the branches, and had the bow made for the top (exactly like the bow on the display model at Michael's).  And this is our "Festivale" inspired Christmas tree:

I cannot tell you how much I love it.  I woke up yesterday and just stood staring at it.  I had to go back to Michael's to get a few more things for the party on Saturday, and I ended up coming home with the display model, too.  It looks so cute as you walk in the front door, and the kids will love it on Saturday-it's just their size (plus it had some of the ornaments I wanted, but they wouldn't sell them to me without buying the whole display!).

So I guess it may not be for everyone, and it may not evoke the feeling of Christmas in everyone, but that is alright.  It does for us.  Every time I look at either of the trees I get excited, and I want to giggle.  No Christmas tree has ever brought a smile to my face like this one does. 

The tree lit up at night.  Still searching for a tree skirt that I like!


Mom and Larry said...

Michelle, that tree is georgous. I love it. I like bright festive colors myself. This year we just have a fake tree with the lights that came on it. It's pretty at night. We have it sitting in front of the living room window, of course in our apt. where else would we put it, hahaha. Love you, Mom and Larry

The Mrs. and Mom said...

I think it captures beautifully the essence of a Florida Christmas. Wish I were there to see it in person. *hug*

jodie said...

I love it!! Wow..very pretty. You are very talented and creative. Merry Christmas Michelle!!

Rhonda said...

WOW! Michelle, that tree is GORGEOUS!! I agree with Pam it definitely captures the essence of Florida. Just beautiful..I'm smiling at it from here. :)