Thursday, August 19, 2010

For the Hogar

For anyone interested in purchasing some things that are needed at the Hogar, I have a few suggestions.

The children in the infant room are only brought out of that room twice each day; from 9-11am and 3-4pm. The volunteers take them from the nursery on the second floor to a blanket that is spread out on the tile floor of the first floor of the home. Some of the volunteers take the older children (just starting to walk) outside. There are very few toys for these younger children, and more would certainly be appreciated. The most important thing is to find toys for ages 1-18 months that do not require batteries, and that can be difficult now. Another option that would be super helpful would be to purchase the activity mats that the younger children can lay on instead of just laying on the thin blanket on the floor. Target has some of them starting at about $30, and not only are they padded, but they have (non-battery) activities built right into them (ie. plastic mirrors, things that make crinkling noises, etc.). A few of these would be a great addition to the home. If anyone has or can get an exersaucer or something similar for a good price, and would be willing to ship it there, this would be an awesome addition to the home, and the children would absolutely love it. There is nothing like that there.

I'm going to be collecting a few things for the younger children to take with me when I go back, and if you buy something and would like for me to deliver it when I go you can send it to me and I will be happy to do that. If you would rather ship it directly to the Hogar then you can get the Peru address from

Additionally, does anyone have any suggestions on where to find the cases for asthma medication (the actual piece that is placed into the mouth)? I've searched all over online for them (in bulk) and cannot find them. If you have any suggestions please comment and let me know. Those are needed at the Hogar and are less expensive in the U.S. than in Peru.

T-shirts and underwear for the older boys (teenage-24) are also needed. Otherwise clothes are not needed as there is an entire storage room filled with donated clothes for the children.

I'm still trying to get a stroller company to donate a few strollers with larger tires (the sidewalks and roads are not in good shape there, and the small tires tend to get stuck easily), but I've not had any responses so far. If I can't get anyone to donate then I'll likely buy at least 1-2 of them myself. They could really use 2 double strollers (even umbrella type) and 2-3 single strollers.

Thank you all in advance, and as I find out more things that are needed I will let you know.

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Sara in Peru said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your interest. It sounds like you and your son had a wonderful volunteer experience in Chaclacayo.

I know your experience and my experience there will be somewhat different, but what things did you bring that you didn't end up using, and what things do you wish you had brought? Are there any surprising cultural differences (especially as a woman) that I should be aware of?

Also, you have some beautiful flower pictures. :) Thanks again, and good luck on your next visit!