Friday, August 06, 2010

Saying good-bye

I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I knew that when this day came, and it was time to say good-bye to these children, that I would be emotional. I guess I just didn't expect that I would be THIS emotional. I love these children. I love their smiles, their strength, their desire to conquer, and the way that they have taught me to be a better person. It may be that I came here to help the children of the Hogar, but in all honesty it is the children who gave. They let me into their lives, and they helped me in ways that I cannot express through words. My life has been enriched because of them.
The Hogar San Francisco de Asis
I had to get one last picture of sweet baby Tommy. He was smiling and giggling the entire time I was up there with him.
Dr. Tony (center) with 29 of the children.

(l-r) Jordan, Elvis and Elsa. When I walked into the Hogar tonight I heard Elvis yell, "Michelle!!" from across two rooms. Such a sweet boy. Elsa begged me not to leave tomorrow.
Jefferson doing his homework as I went around to tell the kids good-bye.
Victor had to play a game on Sean's iPhone one last time.
All of the volunteers put their handprints on the walls of the dining room. Sean was finishing up his, and mine is right below (in red).
These stairs have so many stories to tell. The children are up and down these stairs all day, regardless of ability.

My last picture of the Hogar as I left for the night. It will not be the last time I am there.

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Mom said...

I knew saying good-bye would be really hard. Now is a few hours you will be greeted by your family here with a thousand smiles and hugs to see their Mom and Brother back. Love you very much.