Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Various pictures

Here are a few pictures from the past four days.
This is the church where Dr. Tony and the kids go every Sunday.
One of the local cactus.
A view from down one of the neighborhood streets. It is always that dusty. It looks like fog/smog, but it's just the dust from the mountains.
(l-r) Julia and Xiamada playing with Lindsay in her bed. Lindsay is confined to her bed with a cast from her hips and down one of her legs. She suffers from congenital dislocation of the hip.
On the way to Mass on Sunday. The younger children ride in the van with Dr. Tony, and the rest of them walk with the volunteers. It's only a few blocks, but considering that some are in wheelchairs, some use crutches and have only one leg, etc. it can be a challenge (for them, not us). They don't complain.
My breakfast every morning. Included in the massive bowl of fruit is cactus, star fruit, kiwi, strawberries, banana, orange, watermelon, guava, mango, papaya, apple, pear and grapes. It costs 3 sole (equivalent to about $1.00).
A dog and a duck (next door to the Hogar).
Dinner time. There is always a massive amount of food being prepared at the Hogar, and these large pots always contain some sort of delicious, homemade food. Every day there is rice and soup with lunch and dinner and the rest of the meal differs depending on the day. Fish is served every Friday.
Williams. I told you about him previously-basically left alone since his birth since his parents could not stay home to care for him, and as a result he has the social skills of a child much younger. He was also malnourished. I found that spending one on one time with Williams helps him thrive. He responds to it, and will even start smiling and laughing. I'm afraid to admit that at first I was very hesitant to spend time with Williams because he would initially pull my hair and hit me, but I finally looked past that and got to see what a sweet child he really can be. He just needs patience and time.
The view up one of the mountains by the Hogar from the base of it. Rocks and dirt.
The hostal where Sean and I are staying for the remainder of our time in Peru. It is only a few blocks from the Hogar.
These two cats live in a shop right next door (connected) to the hostal where we are staying. They go in and out of the shop all day, and today they were sleeping when we walked past.

The view from our room at the hostal.


Mom said...

I am so glad you two are safe, Dad and I have been so worried. Today I felt I was actually going into depression worrying about you two. So happy to hear you are both safe. Love you so much, Mom

The Mom said...

What a rewarding time and amazing gifts you're giving. I know how hard it will be to leave your new friends. *hug*

Mom said...

Oh my goodness, I would love that fruit bowl, yum yum yum!