Thursday, August 05, 2010

Victor with Sean's phone

Victor loves to play games on Sean's iPhone. When he needs to do something on the screen while he's holding the phone he just uses his nose or mouth (as you will see towards the end).
Victor travels to Tampa, Florida with Dr. Tony twice each year to be fitted for his prosthetic (since he's growing) and for physical therapy at Shriners Hospital (the same one where Sean and I volunteer). While he is there he stays with a host family, and Dr. Tony told me that this family absolutely loves Victor. Not only the immediate family (parents and two daughters), but their entire extended family as well. The father of the family is a doctor, they have a beautiful home, and Victor has his own bedroom there. Dr. Tony hopes (as do I) that this family will choose to adopt Victor. After spending time with Victor it is easy to see how well he would thrive in the United States. He's a miracle, and there is very little that deters him. I would love to find out in the future that the Tampa family, his host family, has chosen him to be a permanent part of their family.

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Mom said...

I hope Victor has the chance for his new home in the US. He would have so many advances and so many people to love and care for him. Bless Victor.