Thursday, August 05, 2010

A lunch out of the Hogar

Today the children of the house (excluding the infants) were treated to lunch at a local restaurant. It is so nice to see them enjoying themselves and smiling, and just watching them interact with one another brings me so much joy.

Julia wearing my sunglasses.
The eyes say it all. She's so beautiful.
Julia took this picture of Sean.

The first dish was a cold potato, cheese sauce, egg and olive dish. This is something that the children eat in the Hogar, too.
The second dish was pork with rice and mashed potatoes (not sure if they were potatoes).
The dessert was a variety of dried fruit covered in red sauce that is made from red corn.
Violetta and Kevin. Kevin is a leukemia patient.
Lourdes and Elsa. Lourdes is also a leukemia patient.

Sweet, quiet, shy Edward.
One of my first buddies in the Hogar, Axel.
Dennis, on the right, suffers from malformation of both hands.
Eddie. He is visually impaired, and has to look very closely at objects to see them.
Elsa, Lourdes, Violetta and Sean. The girls just love playing around with Sean.
Jair and Sean.
Rosefelina and Violetta.
Luis Sanchez. I took this picture through the net of the small trampoline that they had there.
Jefferson, aka the "Sheriff"
The girls trying to tickle Sean. They were chasing him all around.


Mom said...

Beautiful and soul and heart opening, Mom

The Mom said...

Thanks for sharing all these kids with us. Love you.