Sunday, March 29, 2009

A fun weekend

On Friday afternoon my brother, Tony, and his youngest son, Maddox, arrived for the weekend. We spent the afternoon playing in the back yard (Maddox calls our back yard the "park" because of the big swing set), and just relaxed for the evening. Maddox is getting so big, and he is absolutely adorable.

Maddox loves lizards. He carried this one around for a while before letting it go back into the bushes.

Brendan had a game early on Saturday morning (10am), and then we came back home and played outside for a few more hours. Even Anah loved playing outside with everyone, and I managed to get a few cute shots of her.

Tony drove his car into the back yard and washed it while the kiddos played on the swing set.

Tough girl!

My Anah-banana.

Dirty feet from playing outside. SO MUCH FUN!
Yes, my girl loves to pose for pictures.

A tickle attack. I was tickling her while she was laying in the grass.

Maddox loved throwing sticks into the lake.

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Mom/Grandma said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Now your Dad is as old as I am,hahahahahaha. Is Tony living there now? Maddox sure has grown. He was just a baby when I saw him. Love the pictures of our beautiful girl. Looks like you all have a great time. Hope we can make it to Florida this summer(even I am very nervous of the trip)and share in all your fun. Love You All, Mom/Grandma Happy Birthday Neal