Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nike N7 Air Native

I'm excited about my new shoes.  They look like a regular pair of Nike's, right?  Maybe, but they aren't.  These Nike's were made specifically for Native American's, and can only be obtained through tribal affiliation.  Brendan and I received ours the day before yesterday (Brendan's are solid black), and they are, without a doubt, the most comfortable tennis shoes either of us have ever worn.  
Sunrise to sunset to sunrise on the heel and laces (gradual color changes from yellow to dark purple and back to yellow, representing the color changes in the sky throughout the day)
The circle of life, and N7 (representing the current generation, the wisdom of the last three generations, and the legacy of the next three generations)

To read more about the meaning behind the design of the shoes (feathers, circle of life, colors, etc.) see here.


The Mrs. and Mom said...

WOW, that's totally cool!

Mom said...

YaaaaaaaHooooooo! Glad you got your shoes. I really like mine also. They are comfortable. Mom