Sunday, March 01, 2009

Animals, animals everywhere

I just have a few more pictures of Skye and Flower that I took this morning.  They are SO cute, and they have adjusted to us quickly.  They have been raised around small children (they are still babies), so I knew it wouldn't take long.  Now they actually come to us, and if they are with us they do not try to get away.  Today we had the two guinea pigs and Anah on the couch, and Anah really wanted to play.  She gets nose to nose with them, and just whines because we won't let her play.  We are going to take it slow with them.  

Erin has wanted a guinea pig for a LONG time-she's so happy!
Skye loves to sit on Sean's shoulder-doesn't go anywhere!

Flower has such pretty eyes.  Seriously.

And Greyson?  Well, this is what he thinks about the whole thing...

And the mouth wide open isn't because he's ready to eat them.  He couldn't care less.  He's been over to the crate, sniffed a few times, seen them, and doesn't care anything at all about them.  The picture is of him yawning!

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Grandma and Grandpa Larry said...

Yes, I see animals animals, they are cute and everyone seem content. Have fun. Our two are enough for us. Love you.