Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday with Tony and Maddox

Today was a very relaxing day.  This whole weekend has been, and it's been nice.  The weather is beautiful, there's a cool breeze, and the kids have spent ALL DAY outside playing.  
Brendan pulling Maddox in the wagon along the side of our house.
Maddox, Tony and Bren went for a walk to the park in our neighborhood.

Brendan and Erin on the motorized scooter.
Tony and Maddox went for a ride next.

This little boy was exhausted (he was wearing one of Erin's sweaters because it started getting a bit chilly this evening).  He sat in the back yard just watching Erin swing.  

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Mom/Grandma said...

Great pictures! Need some of you in them Michelle. The picture of Maddox sitting in the chair with Erin's sweater on is adorable.