Saturday, March 21, 2009

A busy day

We started the day at the ball field.  The Red Sox won 10-0.  Bren hit a great single, and contributed to an awesome double play in the third inning.

After the game we headed down to the Chasco Fiesta.  It's a local indian festival, honoring all tribes.  There's a huge wooden playground there, too, so Erin had a great time with that.

At dinner time we headed down to Clearwater Beach for sunset.  It is, and will likely always be, my favorite place to be at sunset.  We had pizza on the beach (at a place owned by our next door neighbor), watched the sun set, walked down the pier to check out the vendors, and then watched a few of the street performers until after dark.  I love living in paradise.


Mom said...

WAY TO GO BREN ON YOUR GAME. Your pictures are beautiful Michelle. Love the picture of Erin sitting on a rock(?). Hopefully when we come down there Larry will see how beautiful it is..hahahaha. Love you all very much, Mom

katiemom2 said...

Awww, Clearwater Beach at sunset! I wish I was there right now.