Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baseball practice tonight

Last practice before the actual games begin this Saturday.  It's opening ceremonies on 2/28, and the first game of the season, and we cannot wait.  The boys got their uniforms tonight, and Bren was so excited to put that Red Sox hat on!  Check out this picture of him catching the ball during practice.  I caught it just as he was about to catch the ball.  Pretty neat.

While he was practicing I was studying, and Erin was playing with another little girl at the field.  However, at one point she started hiding from me behind the trees, so I played along and started snapping pictures of her, too.  She even stopped long enough to pose for a few for me.  The last one is a bit blurry, but so indicative of her.  She has such a silly side, and it's so cute.  I love that she can be goofy, because I am like that with them all of the time.  She's the only one that gives it back to me!

Her favorite ball park snack is Airheads!

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Mom and Larry said...

Hi! Way to go Bren, great catch. Also love the pictures of my beautiful granddaughter,Erin. Love you all. Mom and Larry