Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brendan is 12

My baby boy is 12 years old today (tonight at 10:19pm).  He got the treat of staying home from school on his day, and he took advantage of it by sleeping in until about 10:00 a.m. Tonight we are having a few of his best friends over for pizza and cake.  He already got his birthday present from me-a new BMX Redline bike (his is blue).  He nearly fell over when he walked into the house last week and saw it sitting in the living room.  I even got a few tears out of him (that is RARE for Bren).  

Brendan is a mommy's boy, and I love it.  Even at 12 years old, and in middle school, he isn't embarrassed to hold my hand, give me hugs and/or kisses in front of his friends, or tell me that he loves me.  He loves to come into my bed in the early morning and snuggle with me. He's very soft-hearted when it comes to the people that are important to him.  He loves to play outside, or just be outside doing anything.  The kid cannot stand to be in the house for more than a few minutes (unless he's playing Xbox 360, or other games on his Macbook). 

Brendan is not only a wonderful athlete, a good student in school, a loving big brother to his sister, and a constant battle to his big brother (oh, the arguments between those two).  He is one of the most loving boys I have ever known, and I'm so proud of him.  I feel blessed every day to have him as my son.

Not a great picture, but he was battling me for taking his picture right after he got up this morning.  I'll have more from his birthday dinner tonight.

This is a card that Erin made for Brendan yesterday (she has always called him "bub-bub), and she gave it to him this morning before she left for school. If you aren't able to tell that is supposed to be Bren riding his skateboard at the bottom.  


Kim said...

Happy Birthday to my birthday buddy!! I hope your day is fantastic :)

Grandma and Grandpa Larry said...

Can't say Happy Birthday to much for such a wondeful grandson. Love you so very very very much.

The Mrs. and Mom said...

Happy birthday dude! Can't wait to see you in action on that bike!