Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Too cold

Bren's baseball practice was cancelled tonight.  Why?  Because it is too cold.  And so to prove that I am not the only wimp when it comes to the cold weather I took a picture of the temperature gauge on my dashboard so that you can see what the temperature outside was at 6pm when the practice was cancelled.  Every single person that arrived was just as bundled up as I was, and was just as thankful that it was cancelled as I was.  

I'm back home now with the heater on, and it's nice and toasty warm.  Practice can wait until Saturday when it's supposed to be back in the upper 70's.


The Mrs. and Mom said...

Eh, put on a sweater! lol xo

angie and steve said...

51? Where are my shorts : )....I think it is like 9 here. That is without the awesome windchill that rips through your skin. I would kill for 51 right now.

Mom and Larry said...

51 that's a no jacket day. We were in the mid 50's today and we took our coats off. You are so silly. Love you all, Mom and Larry

Kim said...

Jeremy says, "What a WUSS! What a bunch of Candy Ass Wimps! It was 6 degrees when I WALKED to work this morning! 6!"

Heehee!!! I dont really feel sorry for you you know :)