Saturday, February 07, 2009

Florida State Fair

Sean, Erin and I went to the Florida State Fair today, and we had a blast!  The weather is back to beautiful, and we were able to enjoy being outside again.  Erin isn't a fan of rides, but she did go on the ski lift across the park with Sean.  I followed underneath them most of the time to get pictures of the two of them together (they are in the purple car).  

Their favorite part was having their picture taken with two seals.  They were so cute, and after having the pictures taken they got to pet them for a few minutes.  

What is a fair without funnel cakes/elephant ears?  Look at these things!

My oldest and youngest were best buddies all day.  That's a rarity.  I loved seeing them holding hands throughout the day.  For most of the day I was following behind the two of them (and loving every second of it).

The only ride that Erin did want to go on by herself was the carousel.  We have one in our local mall, and she rides it nearly every time.  I knew she would go on that one!

Now we're home and relaxing for the rest of the evening.  I had a great day with my two babies.  Bren spent the day with two of his best friends.  He would much rather be out riding bikes and "playing" than hanging out at a fair.  


The Mrs. and Mom said...

Dude, I'm going to need some of those funnel cakes! Yum!

Mom and Larry said...

Looks like you all had a great time. I love the picture of Sean and Erin walking together. Love you, Mom and Larry