Sunday, February 22, 2009

My first baby is 14

Just over an hour ago Sean turned 14.  It's hard to believe.  He is so much like me in nearly every way, so I can relate to and understand him in a way that is hard to explain.  

Sean is a highly motivated person.  He loves school, and his favorite hobby is reading.  In addition to his regular coursework at school he is taking additional online classes (one of the perks offered by our county public schools-love it).  He was voted the "Standout Student of the Year" by the teachers of his middle school this year.  This is awarded to one female and one male student in 8th grade.  In addition, he has maintained honor roll all throughout middle school, and has been placed in all honors classes next year in high school.  He is enrolled in the medical community of the high school (love the high school that he will be attending-it totally prepares the kids for the careers that they are interested in), and he is so excited about the opportunity that is ahead of him.  Starting next week he will be volunteering in the oncology ward of the hospital with me, and he is counting down the days for that, too.  

My first child is my rock.  At 14 years old he is 6' 2", 215 pounds, and he is wearing a size 16 in men's shoes.  He's a gentle giant with a heart of gold.  When I'm not feeling well or stressed out he's the first one there to give me a shoulder massage (and he's good, too!).  He's constantly asking me how my day was, or if I need anything.  He is a great cook and baker, and he has a creative side that is amazing.  

I have no doubt that Sean will be everything that he wants to be, and probably much more.  I'm so blessed to be his mom, and to share my life with him.  

Happy birthday sweet pea.


Grandma and Grandpa Larry said...

Sean, all I can say is we are so proud of you and always will be.Love you our gentle giant grandson.

angie and steve said...

Happy Birthday to Sean. We are sorry we missed it; got to get these things in our calendar.