Monday, February 16, 2009


Erin's newest fascination is multiplication.  She asked me about a week ago to teach her multiplication, and I followed her lead.  So Sunday evening she and I sat on her bed and started learning her multiplication tables.  She sat up against her pillows, and I was laying at the foot of the bed, and we started with the 1's (she said those were too easy), and then quickly progressed to the 2's.  After going through each set I would then quiz her (at her request) by writing a multiplication problem on her dry erase board, and she would write the answer.  We worked through the 3's before stopping for the evening.  

Now every night at bedtime she asks to "do the times tables".  I ask her the problems in random order, and she nails them every time.  Last night she asked me to start the 4's, but I was falling asleep, and I told her that we will start tonight.

She just continues to amaze me.  


Grandma and Grandpa Larry said...

Our amazing little granddaughter. She's a surprise every day. Love you.

The Mrs. and Mom said...

Wow, she's a smartie! :)