Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flower and Skye

The newest additions to our family.  They are so sweet, love to be held, and just cuddle up against you when you hold them.  They are sisters, and were the last two siblings of the litter (they were purchased from a family, not a pet store).
Skye (short hair) belongs to Sean

Flower (long hair) belongs to Erin.  Look at those puppy eyes!


Grandma and Grandpa Larry said...

Hey!!!! Pretty soon you'll have a pet store, hahahahahahaha. What do AnnaBelle and Greyson think of them? Love you all, Grandma and Grandpa Larry

The Mrs. and Mom said...

o.m.g. You have rats! No, they're guinea pigs? *shudder* I hope they're very nice. Where do they sleep?