Friday, February 06, 2009

What's going on?

School.  That's what's happening.  Well, of course there is so much more, but all of us seem to be progressing right along with our studies, and everyone is doing quite well.  

Sean received an academic award today for outstanding academic achievement for the first half of the year.  He is such a bright kid, and I have no doubt that his dream of becoming a doctor will be a reality.  He knows the academic road that he has ahead of him, because he sees me deal with it every day.  He's ready for the challenge, and to be honest he is excited about it.  He has probably spent more time in a university classroom than most 13 years olds ever have, so he'll be going in already knowing what to expect.  He loves going to lectures with me even if he has no clue what is being said.  Anyway, he is going to wrap up middle school and start high school in just a few short months, and he is ready for the challenge.

Bren is doing well.  His grades range from A's to C's, but he tries his best, and that is all that I ask.  He doesn't love school like Sean does, but he does what is asked of him.  His heart is in athletics, and that is the real deal-breaker for him.  He knows that to be a good athlete you have to be smart in the head, too, so he keeps trying.  Anyone that knows Brendan knows that he is one hell of an athlete, and I am going to encourage him as long as his interest continues.  The boy has been playing baseball for most of his life, and there are few that are as good (in the opinions of the coaches and managers here, and me, of course).  He has the potential to make something of himself with baseball, and I have no doubt that he can.  

Erin is in a league of her own.  We knew going into kindergarten that she was well above her grade level, but at the time we had no idea just how far ahead of the game she was.  After just one month we found out.  During a meeting with her math and primary teacher we discovered that she had basically completed (or met the criteria for) all of the kindergarten math and reading lessons for the kindergarten year.  She is reading on an upper first to lower second grade level, and her math skills are on a solid upper first grade level (adding and subtracting two digit number with carrying, etc.).  Our county does not allow grade advancement, but her teachers told us that she is being taught and graded on a 1st and 2nd grade criteria.  She is expected to do that work, and her report card grades are based on the performance of the 1st and 2nd grade level work.  But they won't advance her.  So it is. Thankfully she is in a very progressive school that mixes the intermediate and primary students, and so she is in a class with a mixture of K, 1st, and 2nd grade students all day long.  This makes it easier to transition her to the necessary teacher throughout the day depending on where she needs to be for the grade level and lesson that she needs.  The girl is bright.  At six she is reading full chapter books (well beyond her Keeker books now, too).  There really isn't anything that she can't read. What six year old do you know asks to do "math" when she's bored?  That would be Erin.

And me?  Well, I'm chugging along.  I'm enjoying it as much as I've always enjoyed school, if not more.  When I graduate next year (by the way my actual degree is Biomedical Science/Pre-medical-because pre-medical itself is not a major) I plan to celebrate with an extended trip somewhere quiet with Pam.  This year holds more challenges than just maintaining my g.p.a and sanity, because I have to take the MCAT, apply to medical schools, interview, etc. on top of the regular school, work and family schedule.  Don't get me wrong.  I am looking forward to it, and I'm smiling as I write this.  Why?  Because I sometimes wonder how it's all going to get done.  I know it will because I have the support of my beautiful children, my family, and my friends.  More importantly I know that it will get done because I want to be a doctor, and when I really want something there is very little that can stand in my way. I'm just stubborn that way.  I cannot wait to start medical school!

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The Mrs. and Mom said...

Great post and thanks for the update. School is such an important tool to enable you to meet your goals. A big hug all around!