Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brendan's baby

**Edited**Brendan has decided to name her Rae (sounds like Ray).

Brendan has been wanting a leopard gecko for some time. I finally told him that if he saved the money for all of the equipment (aquarium, heater, heat light, houses, etc.), the gecko and for the food necessary to keep it alive that he could get one.

His good friend, Chris, invited him to a reptile show in Orlando today. Chris has many reptiles and wanted to add to his collection. Brendan came home this evening with a brand new leopard gecko (Snow breed with black spots). He did buy all of the equipment himself, paid for her today, and even bought a stock of meal worms (about 6 months worth). He hasn't named her yet, but she really is cute. She's in the process of molting so her true colors aren't visible, but you can get a good idea of what she looks like from these pictures (taken with Brian's point and shoot).

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Mom said...

Nice pet Bren. What's her name? Ok, now Michelle have you opened your pet store yet,hahahaha. Love you all.