Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top of the class

Those who know my younger brother, Tony, know that high school was not his "thing". He hated math, excelled in wrestling (go Blue Devils), did everything he could to get out of doing homework, and studied biology using the girls he knew.

Now Tony is studying to be an RN, and school is his "thing". Not only is he doing exceedingly well, but he actually enjoys it. During the recent winter break he mentioned on a couple of occasions that he was ready to get back into class. Imagine the confusion it causes me to hear this, knowing well how much he struggled and disliked school 20 years ago. Thankfully the years have changed his perception of school, and I'm so proud of him. I'm his number one fan, and I'll continue to cheer him on, just as I did as a wrestling manager watching him wrestle back in 1990.

Today my brother received an email (below) from his school, and when he texted a copy of it to me I could not get the grin off of my face. He's come a long way, and I know that there is nothing but success in his future with the outlook he has.

Congratulations, Neal Harper!
In recognition of your outstanding performance during the Fall 2010 Term, we are pleased to notify you that your name has been included on the Seminole State College Dean’s List. Students who have earned a semester grade point average between 3.25 and 3.74 receive this honor.
Your dedication to your academic career is a clear indication of your bright future. We wish you continued success in your academic career and want to express how proud we are that you chose Seminole State College as your school.
Angela Kersenbrock, Dean of Career Programs
Laura Ross, Dean of Arts and Sciences
Michael Staley, Campus Provost and Dean
Seminole State College of Florida
I am so proud of you, Tony. More so than you'll probably ever know.


The Mom said...

Isn't he awesome?!

Mom said...

This Mom is so very very PROUD of her baby boy. Love you Tony (bruiser).

Mom said...

WAY TO GO SON!!!! Very proud of you. Love you very much.