Thursday, January 20, 2011


Brendan has added to his collection, and now has two leopard geckos. Today he purchased a beautiful little girl named Elizabeth. Her owner is moving and needed to find a good home for her, and Bren was happy to get her. He now has a 30 gallon tank for the two girls.

I'll post a picture of Rae and Elizabeth together later, but Elizabeth is HUGE compared to Rae. Of course Rae is only a baby and Elizabeth is two years old, but it's amazing to see the size difference. Rae is 10 grams and Elizabeth is 80 grams! She loves to be held, and chirps when he goes to put her down. Her coloring is beautiful, too. We're happy to welcome her to our zoo.


Grandma said...

Yes, she is cute also Bren. Love you very much.

The Mom said...

I hope there will still be a place for me to sleep when I visit next time! Dang, you really are starting a zoo! :)